Career Development Conference 2023

Thank you for your participation in this year's conference! The Career Development Symposium, held on April 20, 2023, at SFU Harbor Centre, marked the exciting beginning of our event. Whether you attended in person or joined us online, we hope you had a valuable experience.

As we strive to accommodate the diverse needs of our attendees, we are excited to announce a series of webinars that is taking place from April 25 to June 1st, every Tuesday and Thursday at 11 am PT. This collection of online webinars covers a wide range of topics related to career development, allowing you to further enhance your knowledge and skills at your convenience.

We look forward to seeing you participate in these engaging webinars and continue your professional development journey with us. Thank you for your continued support!

 View the Career Development Webinar Collection

"This conference was one of the best. I loved the new venue .... particularly going back and forth between the two rooms. The natural light and huge windows in the eating area were so welcoming and felt like a beautiful rest zone. Then having the intimate lecture space was really protected and secluded for our group to listen well and focus. In addition, the food was outstanding and so delicious with awesome and thoughtful veggie options. The whole day inspired me and lifted me up so much. 


As well, I loved that you were fluid in allowing the speakers to go with the flow and talk and share so openly ... even outside the time set aside. To me, it was really wonderful to have extra time and more sharing. I really appreciated how you let the day evolve. 


Both you and Lubica were perfect hosts. Really I cannot say enough how meaningful, interesting, caring, thoughtful, and impactful the day was. 



BCCDA Member

Overall, the conference was by far, the best BCCDA conference ever! It was so well organized with the best food and networking ever. Kudos to Sweety and Lubica! 

BCCDA Member